Pure Amnesia strain
Pure Amnesia strain

Pure Amnesia strain

Pure Amnesia strain - Sativa Dominant Hybrid (indoor)
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Pure Amnesia is an extremely productive and potent Sativa-dominant poly hybrid. Her origins lie in a multiple cup-winning strain that has been bred to yield large, dense buds with an intense, long-lasting high. Pure Amnesia is a great choice for both day use and evening use because of her strength and ability to induce feelings of euphoria, creativity, appetite stimulation, and relaxation.


An excellent choice for those looking for a strong Sativa dominant hybrid with euphoric, creative, and relaxing effects. She is very potent and productive, making her a great option for both day and evening use. Pure Amnesia is sure to please even the most experienced smokers! 


Advantage points of the strain


-Intense, long-lasting high


-Great for day and evening use


-Euphoric, creative, and relaxing effects.

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