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How to make the order? arrow
You can make the order on our website or in the Telegram Bot. Select required products, choose convenient payment method and proceed with payment.
How can I pay for the order? arrow
We accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment methods. After making the order you will be provided with wallet address and order price where you need to transfer funds to pay for the order.
For more information please refer to our manual
Am I eligible to order? arrow
We can accept your order only if you are 18+ years old. We don’t accept orders from U.S. citizens.
How do I order if I live outside UK? arrow
Delivery is possible within UK only and it’s not possible to make international delivery.
Can you assure me that my package will arrive? arrow
We do our utmost best to ensure that you will receive your order without it being intercepted. This is achieved via entirely anonymous ordering process and 100% smell proof packaging without any visible labels or signs.
How my order will be delivered? arrow
Your order will be sent in completely sealed envelope without any labels or signs. All orders have the size of standard envelope, fits into any mailbox and will be delivered same as any regular post, directly into the post box. This delivery method allows you to get the order without having to present any ID in 99.9% cases (Unless there is an issue with your mailbox and postman leaves a note to collect the order from post)
Can you provide tracking number for my order? arrow
Currently we can’t offer signed or tracked delivery but you will be notified once your order is sent.
Can you guarantee that I will not be scammed? arrow
Yes, we guarantee that we offer legit services, aiming to help anyone who is in need. We will never ask you for any large orders for the first purchase, as we are not fraudsters who try to get the most out of your pocket for the first purchase and run away. We recommend making the smallest first purchase, as we want you to test our services to prove that you can trust us and enjoy the highly qualitative products at an affordable cost.
How do you confirm that my payment is received? arrow
If you make the order via Tor browser, please check status of your order here: Check order status
If you make the order via Telegram, you will be notified once payment is received.
How do you confirm that my order is sent? arrow
If you order via Tor browser, please check status of your order here: Check order status
If you make the order via Telegram, you will be notified once order is sent.  
Do you have referral program? arrow
Yes, we do and you can gain bonus vouchers for inviting your friends. Just share the referral link with your friends and once they purchase the first order – you will receive one-time discount voucher which can be used only by you and can be found in “My Vouchers” section.