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Pre-rolled Joints

Pre-rolled Joints

Pre-rolls, commonly known as "joints", are a prevalent method of consuming cannabis, especially in countries where it is not yet fully legalized. They are easily available at most dispensaries and offer a convenient way to enjoy cannabis without having to roll the joint yourself. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about pre-rolls in the UK.

  What are pre-rolls and their variations?

Pre-rolls are cannabis joints that have already been rolled and are ready to be smoked. They can be made with tobacco leaf wrapping, known as blunts, or with hemp paper or fruit wraps. Blunts generally contain more cannabis than regular joints, making them ideal for sharing. In the UK, pre-rolls are usually stocked with indica strains, which are known for their relaxing and sedative effects. While sativa and hybrid pre-rolls may be available at certain dispensaries, it is crucial to ask the budtender about the strain's effects before purchasing a pre-roll to know how it will affect your body.

  Pre-rolls vs joints

Pre-rolls and joints are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two. Joints are cannabis cigarettes that the consumer rolls themselves, while pre-rolls are already rolled and available for purchase at dispensaries. Pre-rolls are preferred by many users as they do not require any rolling skills. Various types of paper can be used to make joints, while pre-rolls are usually available in one standard size. Pre-rolls generally contain more cannabis than joints, providing a longer-lasting high. For first-time cannabis smokers, it is recommended to start with a pre-roll to gauge how much cannabis is enough.

  How to smoke a pre-roll?

Pre-rolls can be easily smoked by inhaling them once they are lit. If the pre-roll has a filter, moisten it before smoking to prevent the joint from becoming too hot and your lips from sticking together. Pre-rolls can be enjoyed alone or with friends and offer an easy way to share cannabis.

  Benefits of pre-rolling

Pre-rolling offers several benefits, especially for those who are new to smoking cannabis. Pre-rolls are easy to use and require no rolling skills. They also provide a convenient way to share cannabis with friends and offer a longer-lasting high compared to joints.

  How to make your own pre-rolls

For those feeling adventurous, making your own pre-rolls is also an option. All you need is cannabis, rolling paper, and a filter. Grind up the cannabis and form it into a joint, then seal the end by twisting it with the filter inserted. It is also possible to make pre-rolls with trim, the excess cannabis that remains after buds have been trimmed and sorted. Pre-rolls offer a simple and quick way to smoke cannabis and are easily available at our store in the UK. Ask the budtender about the various strains available to choose one that suits your needs. Thank you for reading this post, and enjoy your smoke!