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Stardawg prerolls
Stardawg prerolls

Stardawg prerolls

Stardawg prerolls
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Stardawg is a type of marijuana. It is made from a Chemdawg #4 x Tres Dawg pairing. This makes it have strong pine and earthy aromas with a taste that has more citrus, diesel, and pungent diesel flavors.

Archetypal stoner’s strain. Great all-around for stress, anxiety, nausea, pain relief, and appetite stimulation. It is used to treat depression and PTSD as well. Can make the user paranoid if taken in high doses (over 2 grams). Smells like rotting lettuce with an earthy undertone that can become pungent after grinding or breaking up the buds. The appearance of the plant has thicker fan leaves than most marijuana plants with dark green hues and orange pistils throughout the bud structure.

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