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How to Make Hemp Flower

Published: 22-09-2021

Over the years, hemp flowers have increasingly grown in popularity as a remedy for countless conditions. You can tackle anxiety, relieve pain, and even recover from intense exercise with the right amount. While there's plenty of ways to get your hemp hit, learning how to make hemp flower tea is amongst the favored option.

Sure, you can smoke, vape, or add hemp flowers to your favorite recipes. Nonetheless, enjoying the therapeutic flower in tea complements the relaxing and calming effect it induces. Plus, you can enjoy it anywhere you want without the restrictions you would encounter if, say, you smoked it! So, to ensure you enjoy the best-tasting tea, check out our foolproof guide on how to make hemp tea.

Is Hemp Tea Good For You? 

Hemp tea is derived from the hemp flower and holds the same therapeutic benefits the flower has. The tea is just amongst the many ways you can consume hemp flowers.  You can even find other options such as smoking, vaping, or adding to your favorite baking or cooking recipe.

Unlike cannabis, hemp contains high amounts of CBD and less than 0.3% to zero% THC. This means that consuming the tea will not make you high. Instead, the CBD content offers calming and relaxing effects, helping you sleep better, manage anxiety, and relieve pain.

Does Hemp Flower Tea Contain THC?

Like other hemp and CBD products, hemp flower tea contains less than 0.3% THC. However, you can also find options with zero THC content. This means that if you consume it, you will not get high. Instead, hemp flower tea contains a higher CBD content. However, the actual amount varies per strain and blend.

The Benefits Of Hemp Tea

Hemp tea has various reported therapeutic and health benefits. These include;

  • Offers a calming and relaxing effect
  • Arthritic and chronic pain relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Recovery from exercise or strenuous work
  • Neuroprotective effects
  • Improves skin health and look


How To Prepare Hemp Tea

Here’s a simple hemp tea recipe you can replicate in your kitchen;

Method 1

  1. Grind up your hemp flower bud to a fine consistency using a grinder
  2. Next, add the ground flower to a tea infuser
  3. You can choose to add hot milk or water. Additionally, you can also add coconut oil or honey to add flavor.
  4. Let the mixture sit and infuse for at least three to five minutes, depending on the strength you want.
  5. When done, strain the tea from the infuser, pouring it into a mug, and it should be ready for consumption. You can choose to enjoy it as it is or add honey or lemon for extra flavor.

The method above offers a stronger flavor and much more potency, depending on the strain you choose. However, as seen from the steps, it’s not the most user-friendly method for those on the go. So, we've shared an additional simple method for those who want to enjoy hemp tea on the go.

Using this method, you can let the hemp flower tea brew as you go inside a travel mug. Alternatively, you can make it anywhere you are. All you need is hot or cold tea and ice for a cold brew.

Method 2

  1. Add a hemp flower tea bag in a teacup, travel mug, or travel mug with an infuser.
  2. Add hot water or hot milk.  You can also add coconut oil or honey to add flavor.
  3. If you plan on drinking the tea right away, add hot water or hot milk.  You can also add coconut oil or honey to add flavor. Let the mixture sit for about two to three minutes. Remove the tea bag, add honey or lemon for flavor(optional), and enjoy the tea.
  4. If you plan on consuming the tea later, add the water or milk and flavorings when you are ready to consume the tea.

You can also enjoy your hemp tea as a cold brew; simply add the amount of ice you want when ready to drink!