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How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

Published: 22-09-2021

Knowing how long does a marijuana high lasts is important for various reasons. Some people want to know how long high they’re high last to plan their schedule around smoking. Others simply want to know what is happening to their body.

Despite the reasons, it's always good to know how long your marijuana lasts so you can correctly gauge the dosage, potency, and strain you choose. So, let’s find out, after using marijuana, exactly how long does the high last?

How Much Weed Does It Take To Get High?

The amount of weed it takes to get you high varies from person to person. After all, we all differ in terms of age, gender, chemical makeup, and overall health. All these factors play a role in determining your tolerance and, ultimately, how much weed it takes to get you high. First-time weed users are more likely to get high faster than seasoned users.

Weed comes in different strains, blends, potencies, and methods of consumption too. In addition to your tolerance level, determining the dosage for getting you high depends on the weed itself. For example, smoking a joint will get you high faster than taking edibles. For example, you will get high within minutes 3 grams of cannabis in a joint. However, it can take up to an hour to start feeling high from taking the same amount in baked cookies.

How Long Does It Take To Kick In?

The duration for weed to kick in depends primarily on its potency and the method of consumption. The effects and intensity kick in sooner when you take a stronger strain or blend than a much lighter one when it comes to the potency. Nonetheless, you still have to consider how you take it to choose the suitable method for you. In general, weed can be smoked, vaped, dabbed, or orally ingested.

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping offer the fastest way to enjoy the effects of marijuana. This method involves smoking joint, vaping weed concentrate, or vaping dry herb or flower. When you smoke or vape weed, it travels straight to the lungs, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream. As soon as it enters the bloodstream, you start to feel the first gush of the high effect. This entire process typically takes about two to ten minutes.


Dabbing simply refers to smoking weed in a special pipe. However, unlike smoking a joint or vaping, dabbing has two factors to consider, i.e., the method of ingestion and the potency. Dabbing involves using highly concentrated cannabis with a high THC content. Combined with the absorption into the bloodstream via the lungs, dabbing gets you high almost instantly!

Oral ingestion

You can ingest weed orally through a variety of different sub-methods. You can make edibles such as brownies or gummies, capsules, or pills. Depending on the potency and type of edible, it takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 120 minutes to start feeling high. The reason why it takes so long is that this method has a different route of absorption. Edibles are typically absorbed and digested like regular food.

Thus, it takes longer for the THC to enter the bloodstream. But, you can also find other orally ingested cannabis items that take a slightly shorter time to get you high. An excellent example of this is applying weed oil or tinctures under your tongue for absorption.

How Long Does A Marijuana High Last?

The longevity of your high is affected by both the weed strength and method of application. For example, smoking a joint will get you high fast. However, the high disappears faster compared to the high you get from edibles.

Smoking or Vaping

Smoking or vaping weed will get you high faster than any other method. However, the high also disappears very quickly. Marijuana high from smoking or vaping weed will last anywhere from an hour to three hours. But, if you take stronger strains and a higher dosage, the effects can last as long as ten hours.


Similar to smoking, the high from dabbing can last between an hour and three hours. However, the effects can last for up to ten hours, depending on the circumstances.

Oral Ingestion

Orally ingesting weed takes much longer to induce the high. However, the high lasts so much longer. In fact, if you intend on eating edibles such as brownies and cookies, it is advised to clear your schedule for a few hours.

The high from edibles take anywhere between 2 and 24 hours, depending on the dosage and potency. In fact, due to the high effects this method produces, it is advised to take a much smaller dosage than smoking or vaping. The longevity of the high is associated with the body's much longer digestion process.

What Factors Affect How Long It Stays In Your System?

Several factors determine how long your weed stays in the system. Of course, the most apparent factors are the dosage you take and the potency (THC content). The higher these factors are, the longer the weed will stay in your system.

Additionally, the method you consume the weed determines how long it stays in the system. This is because the method determines how it is broken down or digested in your body. This is why you stay high longer when you take edibles than when you smoke! Furthermore, frequency plays a role in how long weed stays in your system.

It takes a shorter period for marijuana to leave the system of a first-timer or occasional user than one who uses it more frequently. But, you also don't forget that each individual has a different experience. You have to consider factors such as age, gender, BMI, and chemical makeup.

How To Bring Down Your High?

Sometimes, you may accidentally miscalculate or underestimate your marijuana. In this case, you may find yourself getting intoxicatingly high without knowing what to do. Here are some of the actions you can take to bring down your high;

Get Some Shuteye

Sleep is the number one remedy to getting your high down. Taking too much THC can sometimes lead to feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Thus, napping or sleeping helps calm the body and brain, allowing it to process the THC much faster and efficiently.

Take CBD

According to some experts, CBD can be taken to counter the effects of THC. After all, CBD offers calming and relaxing effects contrary to the anxiety-inducing THC.

Eat Items Readily Available in your Home

Several food items you can find in any home can help to bring down your high too. These items have a similar counter effect to THC, calming you down. Common items include pine nuts, lemon peel, and black pepper (powder for sniffing or whole corns for chewing).

How To Increase The Length Of Your High

Sometimes, you may want to extend the length of your high. The easiest way to stay high for longer is simply to take marijuana in the form of edibles! Alternatively, you can go for a more potent strain. While alcohol increases the effects of THC, it is advised against uses the two together. Mixing alcohol and marijuana can bring unpleasant symptoms.