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Choosing the Best Way to Smoke Hash

Published: 14-12-2021

Hash is a favorite of stoners everywhere. However, when you get your hands on it for the first time, the question might arise: “What’s the best way to smoke hash?”. We’re covering great ways of smoking hashish – read them all and pick which one you like most!

What Is Hash?

Hash is a compressed block of cannabis resin, which contains most of the plant’s psychoactive cannabinoids. It looks like black tar and it has an intense aroma. Hashish is made by rubbing marijuana buds together to collect their resin then pressing that into cakes or slabs – creating hash! When heated, it releases its THC-laden fumes for vaping or smoking with your favorite pipe or bong.

Cannabis Flower Vs. Hash

Hash is not made from cannabis flowers. It’s actually the opposite – hash becomes one with it! Hashish is produced by rubbing marijuana buds together to collect their resin, which they press into cakes or slabs. The flower itself can be smoked either individually or as an ingredient in pre-rolled joints and bowls.

Hash has a higher THC content than cannabis flower. This is because the hash is made from the resin of the marijuana plant, which contains more cannabinoids than the buds themselves. As a result, hashish will give you a stronger high than smoking weed flowers.

How to check if your hash is good

One way of checking if your hash is good is by examining its color. There are three main colors when it comes to hash: black, brown, and blonde. The exact color doesn’t really matter – each has the same psychoactive properties and they all get you high! However, some will taste better than others.

Another test for quality involves simply touching a piece of hash with your finger. Good-quality resin should be sticky enough to hold onto itself but not so much that it sticks to everything else in sight. If there seems like too little resin on the surface or there isn't any at all, then chances are this particular cannabis product won't give you a strong effect. It may also lose THC once heated up which means you’ll end up smoking a lot of it without getting any effect at all.

Smoking hash is difficult, but not impossible. If you think that rolling your own joints and bowls will be too much hassle for such a small amount of hash, then simply put the piece in between two metal screens and heat it with a lighter or blowtorch (this method works best if you use titanium or quartz screens). Once heated to the glowing point, quickly cover the screen with an upturned drinking glass – this should trap enough THC-laden smoke inside long enough for you to inhale.

You can also make your own bong using just an oil burner and some aluminum foil! Place pieces of broken-off chunks into the bottom bowl chamber then place some foil on top. Make tiny holes in the foil with a sharp object, making sure not to pierce the hash itself. Then, use a lighter to heat the bottom of the bowl until it’s hot enough to start vaporizing the hash. As the aluminum foil starts to blacken, you’ll know it’s ready.

How to smoke hash: best ways

Water Pipes & Vaporizers

Hash can be smoked just as any other form of weed would. If you have access to water pipes, use them! They are great at filtering out carcinogens while also cooling down the smoke before inhalation making this method one of the healthiest ways to consume hash.

Another great way to consume hash is by using a vaporizer. This device heats the substance just enough to release its active ingredients, but not enough to cause combustion – meaning no smoke! Vaporizers come in desktop and portable varieties. If you’re looking for a discreet way to enjoy your hash, go with a portable vape.

Joints & Blunts

If you don’t have any water pipes or vapes handy, that’s ok! You can easily roll up some joints or blunts and smoke them like you would any other form of cannabis. Be sure to use good quality rolling papers and plenty of tobacco (or another filler) if you'd want your hash to taste like weed.

Hot Knives

This is an old-school way of smoking hash that doesn’t require any paraphernalia. All you need are two metal knives heated over a flame – be careful not to burn yourself! Once the knives are hot, place your hash on one and press down with the other. Hold it there for a few seconds until the hash starts bubbling then inhale deeply. This method gives you a really strong high so use caution!

Bongs & Pipes

Bongs and pipes are probably the most popular ways of smoking cannabis and they work just as well with hashish. If you’re using a pipe, pack it tightly with hash then light from underneath. If you’re using a bong, load up the bowl and melt your hash in there before inhaling deeply through the mouthpiece.


This is a newer way to consume cannabis and it’s perfect for people who want to avoid smoke altogether. You can buy special cartridges filled with hash oil that will work in any e-cigarette model. Simply puff on the device like you would a normal cigarette to get high!

Tinctures & Oils

Hash can also be consumed in liquid form by using tinctures or oils. These products are made from extracting THC and other cannabinoids from the plant using alcohol or another solvent. They usually come in small bottles with droppers so you can easily dose out your desired amount. Tinctures and oils can be added to food or drinks, or simply taken sublingually.


Hash can also be eaten in the form of edibles. This is a great way to consume it if you’re not interested in smoking and you want to experience a long-lasting high. There are an endless number of recipes that include hash, so get creative!

Now you know all there is to know about how to smoke hash! Try out different methods and find which one works best for you. Enjoy!