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Frutty Pebbles OG strain
Frutty Pebbles OG strain

Frutty Pebbles OG strain

Frutty Pebbles OG strain - Indica Dominant Hybrid (indoor)
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Looking for a cannabis strain that will not make you sleepy? Fruity Pebbles OG from Growers Choice is a perfect choice! This is a type of cannabis plant that has only indica dominance. This means it won’t make you sleepy like other types of plants. You can use this top-quality strain to get motivated and power through your week.


Fruity Pebbles OG is a type of marijuana that can elevate your mood and keep you focused on the task at hand. It also has no distractions.


Fruity Pebbles OG is a powerful, hybrid strain that has a fruity, citrusy smell. The medical benefits are that it can help with pain, anxiety and depression. It has an average THC content of 21%. It is too strong for people who are new to smoking marijuana.

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